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TOP Voted Small Log Houses with Cabin Designs

Don't give up your dream of living in a log house. These Photos of Small Wooden Houses with Cabin Designs show that you don't have to splurge to live in a sweet log house. Sure there are plenty of h ... read more

Would You Trade Your Current Home for This Log House in This Spot?

A beautiful log house begins with beautiful logs, and this Blockhaus Waste Wood log house shows that even the so called scraps from other projects can be put to good use. Have you ever wondered where ... read more

This Log Cabin Is Made of Native Pine Logs That Were Hand-Peeled

This might be one of the most adorable log cabins you have ever seen. This Log Cabin Is Made of Native Pine Logs That Were Hand-Peeled by a company called Schreinerei Amberg. The company is located ... read more

Click to See What a 12x12 Square Meter Log House Looks Like

Have a peek at this great small log house, a 12 meter squared wooden Blockhouse, garden sauna from Weinfassversand. This sweet little log house is made up of round logs, put together as a log home bu ... read more

We LOVE this Sweet Little Log House with a Must See Floor Plan

This adorable blockhouse weekender log cabin is the perfect small cabin retreat for weekend getaways and quality time outdoors. Owning a log cabin design is a dream for many, and the good news is that ... read more

The Interenet is LOVING This Solar Powered Log House

All log houses are beautiful in their own right, and these Massive Wooden Houses are no exception. Log Home and Log Cabin Rates on log home kits that build homes like the one you see here range from ... read more

Many More Beautiful Photos to See of This Fine Log House

This stunning log house design uses milled large logs for a beautiful look that would suit any location. With its two floors of living space, use of post and beams, log railings and lots of windows wi ... read more

Natural Log House with Muse See Interior Feels Much Larger Inside

Log cabins are the dream of the day; visions of their warmth and comfort tend to permeate every cell of our imaginations, giving us that ultimate sensation of home. So, how do we realize this dream an ... read more

Must See Inside this Classic Handcrafted Log House

This stunning log house design is located at the beautiful location of Szczecin Lagoon. Imagine spending time in this good sized log cabin home with its unique roof, large logs, lots of windows and id ... read more

Does Germany Build Better Log Houses then North America? Have a Look and Decide For Yourself

Do you think you know the most beautiful Blockhouse ever? Maybe you even own the most beautiful log house you know of. Well, get out a good camera, because Blockhausbauen is having a photo contest t ... read more

Would You Trade Your Current Home for This Log House Here?

The Blockhaus log house construction is the type of home that many people dream about. The log house build uses large logs, lots of windows would make the perfect log house getaway. Imagine this log h ... read more

Beautifully Designed Small Log Cabin

Many people have dreams of building a log house or cabin like this beautifully designed small log cabin you see here from Blockhaus Impressionen. Many people are curious about the affordability of lo ... read more

Question, Would You Trade Your Current Home for This Log House?

A log house is a comfort to all who enter into it. This newly built Tyrolean wooden house is a perfect example of a cozy log house with all the comforts of modern day living. So often when we think ... read more

Cozy, Safe and Ecologically Clean Log House

This log house is cozy and safe in a beautiful design. When you live or stay in a log house out in the country or a natural location, it is important to use ecologically safe cleaning products. Using ... read more

Cutest Little Log Cabin with MUST See Interior Feels MUCH Larger Inside

This practical and homely log cabin is something the entire family can enjoy. With its rustic, detailed corner construction and sturdy framework, itís made to last for generations to come. It can fit ... read more

Masterful Log House Design & Must See Interior

Log houses are some of the most beautiful structures in existence. This Generously Designed Log House from Blockhaus Impressionen is a fine example of a hand crafted log house in a communal setting. ... read more

Stunning GIANT Log House MUST SEE

Drift away from the hectic pace of the city to the Stunning Giant Blockhaus, an exquisite chalet style log house with all of the bells and whistles of modern day living. This log house is not anythin ... read more

Log Cabin MAN CAVE Under Construction, Could You See Yourself in This?

Ever wanted a little spot away from home to bring friends to hang out? Here is a Man Cave Under Construction from Frontier Log and Timber Homes' Facebook page. You can build your own log cabin like ... read more

Check out This Custom Mountaineer Log House with Attached Garage

There are so many reasons to love a log house. Check out This Custom Mountaineer with Attached Garage, the perfect example of a beautiful, handcrafted log house. Many people associate log houses wit ... read more

$97,000 Must See Floor Plans on this Great Log House

If you have ever considered living in a barn style house, you will want to take a look at this modern barn design. This barn style house has 2,376 square feet of living space in a 24 by 50 foot Ponde ... read more

This is the Most Beautiful Log Cabin Ever

This log house design might just be the most beautiful log cabin ever. With it's two side covered porches, forest location, and rustic look this is the type of wood cabin that dreams are made. The loc ... read more

The Internet LOVES This $58,000 Cozy Ranch Log Cabin

These log houses might look small to you, but The $58,000 Cozy Ranch Log Cabin is More Spacious Inside Then You Might Think. These lovely Keuka log cabins for sale from Woodtex Products is one of the ... read more

Isn't This Little Log Cabin Inviting? What a Charming Interior...

Isn't This Little Cabin Inviting? Imagine making a log house like this your forever home, or perhaps a little cabin getaway in nature. This little log cabin was posted to Facebook by Sand Creek Post ... read more

What Words Would You Use to Describe This Old Fashioned Log Cabin?

Imagine yourself living in a peaceful and beautiful log home like this one found on the Wholesale Log Home Facebook page. If you already love the look and feel of a log house, then calling one your h ... read more

Could You Handle The View from this Barn Home?

Here's a little slice of heaven that will take your breath away. Could you handle this view if it were yours to enjoy forever? There won't be much resistance to living in a beautiful place like this ... read more

Would YOU Live in This Barn Home?

You will want to take a look at this stunning multi-use barn! The possibilities of this modern barn are endless. These days it seems that more and more barns are being built for a wide variety of uses ... read more

What Words Would You Use to Describe This Classic Barn Home?

An innovative mix of rustic and contemporary, this post and beam house has it all. Isn't this home inviting? Feel Free to Share If This Clean, Simple Design Is for You. This prefab house is one of t ... read more

Can You Picture Yourself Entertaining Here?

It's easy to imagine having guests over to this gourmet style kitchen and bar. With two large islands, one made out of stone and the other wood and plenty of bar stools for seating. The all stainless ... read more

Who is a Fan of Wrap-Around Porches on Log Houses? Say Aye!

If you are a fan of wrap around porches, you will want to take a look at this barn style house with scenic views all around. Not only do wraparound porches protect your barn home from sun and weather, ... read more

Would you Live in a Historic and Charming Barn Home?

This historic and charming new barn uses the classic red for the exterior in this stunning modern barn design. Inside is all wood with polished concrete floors and two floors of space. You could use t ... read more
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