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25 Genius Pallet Projects To Make For The Homestead

Pallet projects are all the rage right now, check out these 25 Genius Pallet Projects To Make For The Homestead. These wooden pallet projects are such a great way to up cycle and recycle materials, a ... read more

Extra storage shelving in your garage

This diy wood projects for Extra storage shelving in your garage is a great idea for some extra space in your home. To buy extra storage kits it can cost you anywhere from $50 to $350, so this fun woo ... read more

DIY Big Peg Board Shelving System

Want to learn some new woodworking techniques and need simple DIY wood projects to start with? Organizing your home and need a handy shelving strategy that’s easy to put together? Then, this DIY big ... read more

Organize and Amplify Your Living Space – with This Stylish, DIY Folding Shelf

If you really enjoy DIY projects and need a part-time shelf in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, then you might want to check out this excellent woodworking project that helps you create your ve ... read more

18 DIY Pergola Plans And Ideas For Your Homestead

Here are 18 DIY Pergola Plans And Ideas For Your Homestead from Homestead and Survival that will make building your own pergola easier. There are so many great positive life tips out there on the int ... read more

The Best Way to Add Style to Your Log Home at Almost No Expense

Log houses are some of the most stunning, sought after types of homes in the world. Many of their Porches and Decks are also greatly admired. When it comes to log house designs, there are a multitud ... read more

Japanese Technique of Preserving/Antiquing Wood

You will love this short video on the traditional woodworking art and Japanese Technique of Preserving/Antiquing Wood. This traditional woodworking technique using fire not paint to preserve and antiq ... read more

How to Make an Amazing Grass Day Bed

This DIY woodworking idea on How to Make an Amazing Grass Day Bed is like nothing you've seen before. Jason Hodges has a unique woodworking idea that shows that even in the barest of spaces you can st ... read more

How to Build a Smokehouse from a Pile of Old Pallets for Less than $100

Are you an avid homesteader looking for your next big project ? Do you have animals with a lot of extra meat to process? Maybe you are neither, but this project might still be something your're intere ... read more

Preserve Food in a Natural Way and Save Money – with This Amazing DIY Smokehouse

Beforehand, people had the capacity to freeze or can their food and smoking was used to aid preserve a meat. If you want to preserve your food without using chemicals and un-natural artificial preserv ... read more

The Nitty-Gritty of Making Unique, Inexpensive Log Furniture

Who among you here is in love with log furniture? “Forever and ever, I will always love log furniture.” “Almost all my stuff at home is made of logs. I guess you can say that I’m in love with it.” I l ... read more

Here's How to Create Magic

Everyone loves a good magic trick, and nothing can shock and awe family and friends more than a grand illusion. The best type of magic trick is an illusion that you can use over and over again and sti ... read more

10 Original Ideas for Reusing a Stack of 2x4s

I have a stack of 2x4's sitting underneath the stairs in my basement. I keep thinking that one day I will use them. Perhaps now that I have discovered another 10 things you can build with 2x4s, that ... read more

Here's Why Building a Teardrop Trailer by Yourself Can Be Better than Buying One

Trailers are often known as a movable house or something that has some interior space. Although trailers are not large like a traditional house, spaces inside most trailers are planned and well though ... read more

Do You Love Pizza? Why Not Bake It Every Day in Your Own Homemade Oven?

Who doesn't love pizza?! I know I do! It is not as unhealthy as some people think it is either, especially when it is made in the traditional way. With fresh ingredients and by hand, you know exactly ... read more

Triple Bunk Bed Design Ideas

If you have kids, you know how important it is to save space. In fact, is it even possible? Children seem to promote “sprawl” wherever they go, whether it’s a sprawl of toys, food, or clothes, they ... read more

Important Notice! Don't Spend Money on Flooring before You Have a Look at This

Cordwood flooring tends to be both beautiful and ‘warm’. It can be planned and geometrical or more freely artistic. Sunny Pettis Lutz chose a very free, artistic approach to her cordwood flooring and ... read more

A Bench Made From An Old Wooden Cable Spool

If you are anything like me, you love to visit second-hand stores or scrap yards or demolition companies to find your next treasure. I am always thinking of ways to reuse this log or make A Bench Made ... read more

How to Build a Simple Japanese Bridge for $20

I love do-it-yourself projects and enjoy visiting junk stores or scrap metal yards or thrift stores to find the next treasures. I get very excited when I think of a new project or find some perfect lu ... read more

744 Free DIY Backyard Project Plans

How I dream of DIY Backyard Project Plans , but as I moved to the concrete jungle of the big city, I have been limited to my 180 degree huge veranda, 31 stories above the ground below. I used to have ... read more

DIY Build A Secret Door Bookcase

Multipurpose furniture is a necessity in today's world. With living space at a premium, function and form need to mesh with style and design. Interior designers are constantly coming up with ingeniou ... read more

DIY Pretty Headboard Bench

Need a cute bench for your house or maybe even on your porch? Here is an awesome and fairly simple DIY Pretty Headboard Bench! Yes, you read right, this bench is totally made out of an old repurposed ... read more

Another How To Build A Backyard Swing Set

With summer on the horizon, more warm days are coming our way, so you are probably looking forward to spending more time outside! What better way to spend more time outside than on a yard swing? Here ... read more

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Portable Outdoor Kitchen

It's shaping up to be a beautiful Summer and with the season just rolling around the corner, guess what that means? You got it! BBQ season, outdoor patio fun, and many many family and friend gathering ... read more

How to Build this AWESOME Reclaimed Wood Table

Seeing all of the reclaimed wood projects out there makes people want to do more DIY projects using recycled materials instead of buying new. If you are in need of a new table for your dining room, or ... read more

Wood Carving Master Pieces

Typically, Log furniture conjures up the same old images, and that is often of lumberjacks cutting and crudely carving stump furniture. There are some pretty cool pictures to show us what the modern w ... read more

How to make a driftwood lawn chair

Have you always wanted to give your porch that added 'oomph', or to make your lawn look more appealing, but don't know what to add to your porch or lawn? Oftentimes, the best decor for your wide lawn ... read more

HomeMade Modern DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench

'Instructables' is a fabulous place to learn how to make all kinds of things,including this homemade modern DIY outdoor concrete bench. Start with building the molds for the concrete blocks. Then move ... read more

How to Build this Wood Flat-Pack Picnic Table

Now that summer is fast approaching; you might be looking for a good picnic table to host all of your gatherings around. This Instructable on How to Build this Wood Flat-Pack Picnic Table is the perfe ... read more

Turning A Downed Log Into Wooden Bowls- A Beautiful Process

Many handcrafted arts and skills have become lost or nearly lost over the last century. With modern technology advancing at a frantic pace, skills such as turning a downed log into wooden bowls, a bea ... read more